Voice Over

Montserrat’s voice is fun, bouncy, alive and youthful.
Vibrant, sexy,  and warm. The voice is clear and bright.
She is a very versatile and experienced voice artist.
Excellent choice for work in either Spanish, English or Catalan.


Client’s list

Voice-over work includes amongst others: Britney Spears’s perfume “Fantasy” and “Curious”, Katherine Zeta Jones for Elisabeth Arden’s “Provocative Woman”, Kim Kardashian’s and Brooke Burke Shape-Ups commercial for Skechers, Freixenet, Nintendo, Orange, DHL, Hilton, Johnsons, Clarks, Sony, Dell, Ford, Codorniu, HSBC, Mass effect (Xbox), Wii mama babysitting, Royal Caribbean, Vodafone, Lika Mobiles, Lilly laboratories, Motorola, Stanstead Express, Swiss-Star Alliance, Air Berlin, British Airways, MTV, Canon, CX70 Volvo,”Fisher Price” toys, Hasprow’s “Little Pony”, Adrenalini TV animation series, Shogun II (video game), Video game: Assassins Creed IV character: Felicia Moreno (the Dark Lady) Baileys, Blackberry, Visa Mastercard, Bodyshop, GHD styler, Google, Fairy, Hitachi, Pernod, Spotify, Knorr, Diageo, Xerox, Kaspersky, Language programmes for the BBC, channel4, Routledge, Lane Bingo, Poundland, MSC Cruises, Kiko Make Up…